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pillows for my kids

girl in my garden

 my angel

 my angels

 i adore wire

 my teenage son bedroom
  my teenage son bedroom
 and another corner

niche- my husband and me made it

 our bedroom

our bedroom


village houses-why not? everybody make them :)))


my new love. finally finished :))

new village from my village

sometime i must remind myself...

i must admit i started this blog for myself. i have lot of days when i feel like i'v done nothing...but my NOTHING always include care for my family, being with my children, help with homework, preparing food, cleaning and all the usual stuff that needs to be done. and usually I DO make something, like this drawing, every day...but often i forget about it...and i don't want to forget.

so, this blog is my sketchbook of the day.
sketchbook what i saw, felt or liked in that day. 
it doesn't need to be perfect...this is my memento that life is changing in that little segments of the day.


my latest love